International Vault: MegaCrete Vault

Meeting All Modular Vault Specifications Worldwide

Our MegaCrete modular vault systems are designed for slab on grade applications and offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional poured in place systems. Featuring our most heavy-duty design, the MegaCrete modular vault system design includes butt-joint construction. This system has been performance tested by Underwriters Laboratories to meet UL 608 Standards and GSA AA-V-2737 Standards. As UL and GSA have the most stringent testing practices in the world, our product certifications translate to equivalent Health Canada, SAVS, and European Standard 1143 for worldwide vault conformance. The MegaCrete panels make up the floors, walls, and ceiling of the Modular Vault system. As technology and intrusion methods advanced over time International Vault maintains the highest level of security by submitting the MegaCrete system for testing every 7 years. We offer both 5 and 6 sided vault systems, floor being the optional side depending on the conformance of your slab to meet desired security standards.

High Quality Modular Vault Solution

Using our superior concrete technology and Quality Systems we guarantee a consistent high quality construction grade product. Our vault panels are match-cast using high quality forming material on our temperature controlled super-slab. Our casting slab is heating to facilitate the most efficient curing time of our concrete mix. Each vertical panel edge is encased in steel to facilitate the welding of panels joint to joint upon site installation. Within each panel steel rebar is placed, oriented both horizontally and vertically forming an impenetrable grid of reinforcement. After rebar placement high strength concrete is poured into the modular vault panel forms and then vibrated to eliminate any air pockets or bubbles. One of the main differences between cast in place and modular vault solutions is the ability to eliminate these vault panel weakening air pockets in our temperature controlled environment. It is hard to properly perform a quality inspection on vertical Cast in place concrete forms, whereas our horizontal match-cast system allows for full visual inspection.

Installation Experience Exceeding All Competition

Our installation team managers have a combined 100 years of experience in modular vault installation. The MegaCrete modular vault system includes Swivel Lift Anchors embedded at the top of each panel for rigging purposes. These embedded anchors are important to ensure the safety of our product installation team. International Vault has installed over 5000 modular vaults throughout the world without incident. We do not recommend these modular vault systems be installed by anyone who is not experience in this specific rigging discipline. MegaCrete vault panel installation typically begins by setting the entire vault floor and welding panel to panel connections. The next step is to erect one of the vault corners. Installation of the vault corner allows enough rigidity to support the remainder of vault walls. Once the vault walls are erected on three sides we begin to install ceiling panels, which rest on the top of the modular vault wall panels. Our expert welders work carefully per the specification to ensure a structurally sound and burglary resistant connection. Although UL doesn’t require full seem panel to panel welds, caulk can be used to provide seamless transitions from panel to panel depending on owner finishing preference. We require a level slab for proper installation of the MegaCrete system, however we know that is not always possible. When there are slab consistency issues we will shim our panels to ensure the vault still meets overall dimensional tolerances and proceed with installation. Our teams have been contracted to install steel plate on top of existing slabs to strengthen floor condition.

The function of our corresponding UL Rated Excalibur Vault Door depends on the overall panel installation quality as the jambs and header are installed in direct contact with the vault walls, floor, and ceiling. In general we recommend leaving 2-3” between the exterior of vault walls and any existing adjacent walls for alarming and install rigging purposes. For installation we also recommend 6” of clear space between the top of the vault ceiling panels and bottom of interior room ceiling or low hanging objects.

Pricing Consideration and MegaCrete Vault System Accessories

Typically when calculating price for the MegaCrete systems the interior vault dimensions are used to facilitate desired interior usable square foot of surface for the end user. If you need to fit the vault into an existing space we can calculate the usable interior vault square footage based on your room size restrictions.

Our sales team will help to coordinate the ideal vault to meet your needs. We offer HVAC Port Vent Panels for temperature control and threaded Fire Sprinkler transition pipes. Both of these accessories are offset to maintain security rating. Every MegaCrete modular vault comes standard with 3 offset PVC conduits in the header of the door for Alarm, Access Control, and Electrical wiring. When considering your MegaCrete system it is important to identify any obstacles for installation including but not limited to existing low hanging sprinkler pipes, drop ceilings, existing beams and columns, floor finishes, and general building access (high traffic roads, loading dock conditions). These panels are installed using a shop forklift for safety and efficiency.

MegaCrete Product Types and Specifications

Panel Class Thickness Weight(#) Typical Width
GSA 2737 4" 45 40"
UL Class M 3" 39 40"
UL Class 1 5" 65 40"
UL Class 2 7" 92 36"
UL Class 3 11" 142 30"