About International Vault Australia

Quality new and used safes. We hold a wide stock of used safes and vaults in addition to new. Most safes available in a range of sizes.

We sell Gunnebo Safes, Chubb Safes, Lord Safes, CMI Safes, OZ Safes and Ardel Safes.

Our product range includes Gunnebo Chubb Europa grade V Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Europa grade III Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Oxley Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Mini Bankers Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Trend 1 Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Trend 2 Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Proteq Mini Series Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Cobra Safes, Gunnebo Data Plus Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Survivafile Filing Cabinet Safes, Gunnebo Chubb Instavault, Gunnebo Chubb Demountable Vaults.

Gunnebo Chubb Strong Room Doors, Gunnebo Chubb Book Room Doors.

Lord Safe API High Security Lord SG-7 Safes, Lord Safe API Medium Security Lord SG-5 Safes,

Lord Safe API Nugget Safes, Lord Safe API Record Protection Safes, Lord Safe API Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets, Lord Safe API Data Safes, Lord Safe API Drug Cabinets, Lord Safe API Moduvalt PortaVault, Lord Safe API Strong Room Doors, Lord Safe API Book Room Doors, Lord Safe API Home Safes.

CMI Safe Commander Bankers Safes, CMI Safe Premier Safes,

CMI Safe TDR Safes, CMI Safe Strong Room Doors, CMI Safe Book Room Doors, CMI Safe Commercial Safes, CMI Safes Drug Cabinets, CMI Safe Record Protection Safes.

Safe Sales & Service now makes it's wide range of new and used products available to financial institutions, jewellers, petroleum companies, small businesses and householders.

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